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Perfect Wingman


A wingman in face value is the friend who helps you get something you want or need. Many people prefer the help of their wingman rather than chancing the process of getting something by doing it alone. A wingman therefore is something or someone who one can do without but when they are around, life becomes easier.

In this campaign we are comparing a car to your wingman. Therefore, making the car ‘The Perfect Wingman’. A car is the perfect wingman in that one can live without a car, a lot of people actually do, but when you have one, life becomes easier in more ways than one. A car is reliability and flexibility. 

Just like

your wingman when your car is mistreated or neglected, then their performance becomes worrying. With a worrying performance then the ripple effect of having a hindrance of obtaining what you want or need. So what do you do to get your wingman to his utmost best when (s)he is on a low? 

The answers to that in relation to your car’s mechanical and electrical issues is where the product, Orient Xtense comes in. The campaign will serve the clients expectations of creating awareness and conversation about the Orient Xtense product which will eventually prompt registration for the policy cover after ample education about the product.

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