Claims Overview

We understand that the time surrounding the need to make an insurance claim can be very stressful, If you have any questions or would like detailed advice on how to make an insurance policy claim, call us on (020) 2962000 or email us at

Claims Process

How do I make a claim?

Call us to report a claim on (020) 2962000 email We will provide you with the support you need and advice you on all the steps involved.

What documentation is required to make a claim?

Attach the following documents when reporting the claim.

  • Motor accident claim
  • Police Abstract Report
  • Copy of the Driver’s Driving License
  • Contact details and Vehicle Registration number of the Third party ( if applicable)

Motor theft claim

  • Police Abstract Report
  • Copy of the Drivers Driving License

Windscreen/Window Glass Claim

  • Photos of the damaged windscreen capturing the vehicles registration number
  • Photos of the windscreen before & after repair and original ETR receipt if it’s a reimbursement ( refund)
  • Radio Cassette/CD Player Claim
  • Original replacement receipt/Proforma Invoice ( on reimbursement/refund basis only)

Motor Claim Forms Download

Non Motor Claim Forms Download

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Claims FAQs

What should I do when involved in an accident?


  • Obtain all information from the third party if applicable
  • Report the accident to the police and obtain an accident report from them, especially when another party is involved or injuries occurred.
  • Inform your agent/broker or Kenya Orient Insurance as soon as possible.
  • If possible take photos of the scene of the accident.


  • Never accept liability for the accident
  • Do not negotiate any payment with the third party
  • Do not answer communications about this accident, direct these to the Insurance Company for action

Can I claim on my car insurance policy if my vehicle is hit by an uninsured driver?

Yes, if you have comprehensive cover.

How long does Kenya Orient take to respond to my claim?

Providing the relevant documents will hasten the claims process.

When can Kenya Orient declare my car a total loss?

It’s the insurance company’s option to declare your car a total loss when the repair cost approaches or exceeds the actual cash value of the car.

Under the terms of my policy, do I have the right to decide whether to repair, replace or receive cash for my wrecked car?

No. This is the insurance company’s right under the policy.

I recently had an accident in my 5-year old car, and the company wants to repair it with “after-market” parts. Can they?

Yes, the company can repair it with parts of like kind and quality, which would include both used parts and so-called after-market parts, which are less expensive replacement parts that did not come from the car’s original manufacturer.

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