Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find answers to the frequently asked questions about insurance. If you can’t find the answer to your question here please call the Customer Experience team on (020)2962000 or you can email your query to

You also can click on the LIVE CHAT tab option on the website which allows you to request live assistance from our Customer Experience Team.

Can I add or remove coverages in the middle of my policy?

Yes. You can contact our Customer Experience team to add or remove vehicles, change addresses, pay your premium and more. Note that some changes will affect your premium.

How quickly do changes I make go into effect?

The changes can be effective immediately, or in some situations, you can choose the effective date. Certain restrictions may apply to some changes.

How can I make payments?

If Motor Insurance

You can easily pay via our MPESA PAYBILL 513200 with your Vehicle Registration Number as the account name. e.g. KAA 123B

If Non Motor Insurance

You can easily pay via our MPESA PAYBILL 513200 with the Type of Insurance Product and your Full Name as the account name. e.g. Orient Home, John Doe

If Orient Mobile

You can easily pay via our MPESA PAYBILL 513200 with the Account Number assigned to you

At the Bank

You can pay at any Family Bank Branch in Kenya. Our account number is 068-3797 and indicate your name and vehicle registration details. Present the bank slip at the nearest Kenya Orient branch.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. We offer our customers a payment plan of 40:30:30. First instalment of 40% of total premium and then 2 instalments of 30% of the premium.

How often should I value my car?

Every 2 years so that your car is insured for the correct value. Kenya Orient Insurance Limited will pay the cost of one valuation per vehicle per year so this service is free to you as our customer.

Can my rate change after the vehicle valuation?

Yes. Several factors could influence why your rate changed between the time you submitted your quote and the time your vehicle was valued.

When am I entitled to a premium refund?

When your vehicle value is decreased after valuation.

What if my car or circumstances change?

Immediately inform us of any changes e.g. if you sold your car, change of address, etc. You can contact us on email and we can advise accordingly.

How do I renew my policy?

Call (020) 2962000 or email to renew your policy

How do I cancel my policy?

Call (020) 2962000 or email and we will provide the best options for you. We are of service to you and we value your continued support.

How can I contact the Customer Experience team?

Call (020) 2962000 or E-mail

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