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Statement on Notification of Loss Incidences

To our valued customers

We have noted with concern delays in notification of loss incidences.

In a bid to serve you better by starting the settlement process as quickly as possible, we encourage you to notify Kenya Orient Insurance immediately an incident has occurred through our contact center 020 296 2000 or email You can also report the same through Facebook or Twitter. Please notify us of the incident even before you have any documentation on it and we will then guide

you through the rest of the process. We would also like to highlight that the law requires that any traffic incidents should be reported to the Police Station within 48 hrs.

Individual clients are required to notify KOIL within 3 working days of a loss occurring, while corporate clients are to notify us within 5 working days. Please be advised that in the absence of fatalities or serious injuries, we may investigate any claim that is reported late. We look forward to serving you better in 2018.

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