Orient Xtense

It is an Extended Motor Warranty cover that protects your vehicle in the event of unexpected mechanical or electrical failure after the manufacturer's warranty has expired.

Orient Xtense is available provided that the vehicle:

  • Is used only for social, domestic and pleasure purposes and in connection with the insured’s business or profession.
  • Be less than 12 years old
  • Has travelled less than 200,000 kilometers
  • Be used for social and domestic purposes only.
  • Undergo a comprehensive vehicle inspection (avehicle inspection fee will be paid by the insured at the authorized inspection center)
  • Has not been altered or modified from the time it left the manufacturer unless recommended
  • Is not operated as a taxi, private hire or PSV (for hire or reward) or used for racing or rallying

Orient Xtense covers for:

We have three available plans: Platinum, Gold and Silver. The list of all the part components covered and the maximum limit reimbursement you can expect in each case is described in the policy schedule.


  • Proposal form
  • Log book copy
  • Driving license copy

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