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Section A :- Fire and Perils

Note: This covers school property against loss or damage and any other items against loss or damage occasioned by Fire or Lightning to the property described in the Schedule and hereby insured, but not exceeding in each case respectively the sum or sums severally specified and stated in the Schedule against each property.



Section-B: Burglary

Note: This covers the school property against Loss of or damage to the property Insured caused by theft following actual forcible and violent entry or exit from the premises.

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Section-C: All Risks

Note: This provides cover for Computers, Printers, Photocopiers, Laptops, Projectors, Cameras, Music Equipment, Lab Electronic Equipment and any other items of a portable nature.


Section D: Public Liability

Note: This protects the school against legal liability following injury or property damage to third parties whilst in the school premises

Limits of Liability

Section E: Directors & Officers Liability

Note: Cover for claims made against the insured arising out of any Wrongful Act by the Insured in their capacities as Directors or Officers of institutions. This cover is recommended for all private schools.

Interests Insured

Section F: WIBA

Note: This protects the school in respect of injuries suffered by non TSC staff in the course of duty. The cover ensures compliance by the school to the Work Injury Benefit Act 2007 which requires an employer to compensate an employee who suffers accidental death or injury in the course of employment and for occupational illnesses contracted in the course of duty.