Our Electronic Equipment Insurance protects the insured's equipments against unforseen and sudden physical loss and/or damage.  The causes of the loss/damage includes:-

Accidental damage



Internal damage due to short circuiting, etc

This cover is suitable for various electronic items usually found in an office set up including hospitals, schools, etc

In the case of computers, the cover can be extended to cover:-

Costs of replacing lost or damaged external data

Costs of reproducing last data

Increased costs of working as a result of loss or damage of the equipment

The policy operats when the insured items are at work, at rest or being dismanttled/overhauled or being shifted within the premises or in other functions

Usually cover can be extended to cover Temporary Transits away from the premises


Duly completed proposal form

A schedule of items covered and their sums insured

Insured's ID and PIN


Report incident/loss immediately after discovery of the happening

Provide all necessary claim documents (police abstract, claim form, books of records of stock and receipts for purchases of these stock in trade within a reasonable period at 3 to 7 days after reporting.