Our Employer's Liability Policy covers for Legal Liability Compensation consequent upon death or bodily injury to or illiness of  an employee which occurs during and in the course of employment and which results in a legal claim or legal claims first being made against the insured during the period of insurance.  

For KOIL to accept an Employer's Liability Proposal, it is MANDATORY for the insured to have taken a WIBA policy with us.  Employer's Liability compensates additional compensation over and above the worker's WIBA compensation benefits upon a court of judgement for negligence on the part of the employer.


Compensation payments granted to claimants by courts have generally become very high and the costs to the business can be massive 

Managing employee Health and Safety Risks are an important factor in controlling operational costs and protecting the Company's Assests


Duly completed proposal form

A schedule of employees covered and their annual wages

Insured's ID and PIN


Report incident/loss immediately after discovery of the happening

Provide all necessary claim documents (police abstract, claim form, Record book showing  employee status and wages paid

DOSHI Form duly completed from the Director of Labour

All Medical Certificates from the Doctor/Hospital of treatment

Provide the demand letters immediately they are received